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(NEW) MAX TV XTREME PLUS 5G 4K Quad Core 64 Bit W/Voice Control Remote.

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MaxTV Xtreme Plus:
Quad Core Ai Soc 64 Bit ARM Cortes A53
Integrated multimedia acceleration
Integrated hardware floating point coprocessor
Hardware Java Acceleration
High performance multi core GPU mali T720
ASTC Adaptative Scalable Texture Compression
Floating point operation greater than 70 GFLOPS
Microsoft Direct X 11
Video Decoding:
H265 HEVC codec, 4 K at 60 FPS
VP9 profile
AVS plus profile 1080p at 60 FPS
Supports frame buffer compression
Output pixel format configurable
Image Decoding:
Real time image decoding up to 65k maximum resolution
Integrated JPEG hardware decoder
Audio Decoding:
Support for all most used audio codec, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, AMR.
Display processing:
HDR 10 and HLG HDR processing
HDR conversion between SDR
Smartcolor 3.0
Frame buffer compression
2 GB of pure DDR4
8 GB of Emmc 5.1
5G wifi 802.11 AC
Bluetooth 4.1
Integrated 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
IPTV integration Linux API middleware URL portal by Mac Address
Net Record
HS voice system digital media
HS AI SOC integrates high performance hardware decoding


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Max Tv Box

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29 reviews for (NEW) MAX TV XTREME PLUS 5G 4K Quad Core 64 Bit W/Voice Control Remote.

  1. Alex C.

    Awesome great service. Henry is an awesome person. We are happy with our box.

  2. Leon V.

    Excellent TV device. Henry provides the best PROFESSIONAL service! Very happy with product and top-notch service.

  3. Luis Moyano

    Henry makes things so simple. I really appreciate how quickly he responds to questions. Great customer service all around!

  4. Stephen Rodriguez

    Henry offers great customer service. He is always available and willing to help. He goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with the product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  5. Leandro Garriga

    Awesome product. I’m thankful to have been introduced to Henry, as he has literally been there for every question I have had, no matter the time. Hands down best investment !

  6. Edwin

    Very happy with the MaxTv service. Henry is friendly and easy to work with. He is always on top of everything and makes sure one is content and satisfied. Highly recommended!!!

  7. Juan Torres

    Great guy and service, He goes the extra mile to make sure all of his customers are well taking care of.

  8. Mike MD

    This is an amazing product, not only because of the quality and variety but also the extremely affordable cost. I liked my first box so much that I bought another one which I find it to be even better than my first one.
    The best part about investing in this technology is getting it from Henry. He makes the transition so smooth and he is always there for you in case you have any issues or you need help. The world needs more bussinessmen like him.
    I’m so happy I got rid of Direct Tv.

  9. Cleo CENP

    I have had my box for close to 2 years & I am so pleased with it. It keeps me home more and I can see the latest movies in the comfort of my home and popping as much popcorn as I want. Service calls are only a phone call away with Instant reply, which I love.

  10. Renee P

    This is one of the best items I’ve purchased. The experience is awesome. Watching TV and the savings $$$. I can’t explain. I would recommend everyone to invest. And Henry is the greatest in presenting this product.

  11. Tracy CRNA

    I love my box. It was the best decision I could have made. So many different categories to watch for all ages and preferences. It’s great for a tv junkie like me. And Henry is always available to help me maximize my experience with the box. Great guy

  12. Damian RT

    The box is great and so is Henry.

  13. Nannie

    We had comcast, at&t and DirecTV and nothing beats the price and variety that this box delivers. My husband gets his sports, kids get cartoons and mama gets some ‘me-time’. This is much cheaper than paying those monthly fees & dealing with crappy customer service with comcast. I love that I dont have any keep up with it. No hassel whatsoever. Happy with my purchase!

  14. Yoandra LREA

    My family and I are so happy to have been introduced to this product by Henry. It’s so nice to have the option to watch TV with so much variety. The quality and service is great. Thank you so much for your excellent service.

  15. Kori

    This product has been the best investment, it has saved us ALOT of money. We love it, the kids love & it’s awesome. Henry is the best & the installation was super fast plus any questions I have he always answers right away, can’t get that anywhere else…. Thank you Henryyyyyy!!!!

  16. Gery Zam

    We are in the age of wireless. Cutting the cord is the best decision you can make. With this box you are capable of downloading your favorite apps for streaming video. Iptv is the future . You don’t have to worry about your satellite going out due to rain. Best of all, you can stream in HD. I recommend this box and this seller. Pleasure doing business with someone who is willing to answer all your questions with joy.

  17. Gina

    So very happy to have this Box, It has saved me a lot of money. I got rid of of my cable & all I need is Wi-Fi! This Box is amazing! It’s an answer to a real prayer!

  18. Robert

    I tried a different device before and it doesn’t even come close to this one .
    Saving money by cutting the cable bill and Henry is always around with questions or help.

  19. Maite RN

    My brother referred me to Henry, and THANK GOD he did. I was paying internet and cable & every 3 months the bill would come higher so I would have to call them to get them to lower it! Till Henry. I paid once for the box and just kept my basic internet. I am a non techy female. It was so simple he installed it quickly and the menu is the same as any cable company! I love it! I have same quality TV to watch and I am saving tons! I will NEVER go back to any regular cable or Satelite mongule. I have Henry’s info saved in my contacts cause he is golden! Just like this BOX. I have recommended him to friends & they are all in heaven as well! Try you will kick yourself for not trying it sooner!!!

  20. Sarah

    Easy to use, excellent price and service. Henry is fantastic about answering all your questions. I was very skeptical about the equipment and plan at first. It is worth the investment. The picture is great. Very easy to install. We no longer are paying a cable/ dish company etc.

  21. Teo

    I plan to recommend this IPTV system to my family and friends because of the great service and price. Top of the line so don’t waste more money with cable and dish, upgrade now! Call Henry…

  22. Nati

    Henry was great! I was very skeptical but then I decided to get a box and I don’t regret it at all. Wish I had made the decision sooner, nothing compares. I got my daughter one for Christmas and she bought 2 more. Worth the money!!!!

  23. Thomas B.

    When I first heard about the device I was skeptical but with Henry, he was always available to help with troubleshooting and issues. In the long run you will be on the better side of technology. Convenient = Yes; Savings = Yes;
    When I need it to work it delivers.

  24. Alexander Rodriguez

    I love technology, I love gadgets that make my life easier. Henry made my life way easier, I cut the cable & put it this way… When I tell a friend let’s “MaxTv and Chill” they already know it’s going to be a great night of awesome shows, movies, fights & sports! I love mine, matter fact my sister also has one. Thank you Henry! #Respect

  25. Carlos g RT

    Best thing ever! Saving hundreds of dollars every month. Henry is always available to answer questions and to help.

  26. Jason

    You should definitely purchase this product! It works great and is a steal for the price! Henry was very professional and the installation was fast and easy. If you’re into getting what you want while saving money, look no further.

  27. Juan Rodriguez

    This product is by far the best thing that has happened to us. This box is saving us so much cash, it is crazy. It is an investment that your whole family will appreciate.

  28. Greg

    Henry is the bomb and the box works awesome for the price!

  29. Juan M

    It’s difficult to express my 100% satisfaction with this product or the person who installed it without sounding like I’m being compensated. But there it is, I don’t understand the technology described above. I do understand value for my money. I whole heartedly recommend this product and Henry. It works! It’s saving me a bunch of money, and I’d bet if I were more adapted at all the things it does, I’d get an even bigger bang for my buck!

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